Once you have created the Polls successfully in the Campaign and shared it with the users, you will get its response in Polls under the Feedback column.

When you click on the Polls button under the Feedback section, you will be redirected to the Polls page where you will find all the Campaigns. To check the detailed Poll results and other statistics of a particular Campaign, click on the View button.

Once you click on the View button, you will be again redirected to a new page that contains detailed Polls and Video Details like Poll Results, Poll Winners, Total Votes and Views on Video, and total Impression.

If you also want to check the Response on the video along with the Poll’s result, you can also do it from the same page. Just click on the View Responses button and you will get all the responses on that video with the poll result. See the image below.

After clicking on this, you will see all the responses and poll results. Also, you will see who gave what response and given what poll answered.