Leads are the Email Addresses Collected from your Created Campaigns. All Users who record email responses to your Campaigns will be shown here.

A lead form is generated automatically when you create a Campaign and when you share it, it will be shown at the end of the Funnel. Users can fill in their Name and Email address which gets collected and shown on the Leads page.

Once the viewer enters their details and hits the Submit button, the lead will be instantly coming to your Lead Page. On this page, you can see leads details according to your campaigns. You can select any of the Campaigns and the system will quickly show you the leads collected to that particular campaign.

In the above image, you will see all the details like Date, IP Address, Campaign through which leads come, Name, and Email of the person. You can Export all the leads at once of all the Campaigns using the Export All Leads button on the top right corner, or you can download the leads Campaign Wise using the Download Selected button at the center.

After Exporting the leads, you will get a CSV file which you can use further for any operations you want.

This is all for the leads. If you have questions related to leads, please contact the support team.