Welcome to the EazyDocs AI Marketplace, a dynamic platform where a diverse array of documents awaits. Curated by fellow users of the tool, this Marketplace offers a rich assortment of materials spanning numerous categories.

You can use those documents and save it to use them according to your need. These Saved Market Place Documents are available in your My Documents section.

Steps to Upload Your Own Documents in Market Place

Step 1: Go to Market Place.

Step 2: On the Market Place page you will see the Upload Button. Click on it.

Step 3: On the Document Upload Page, you will see a dropdown area where you can upload your documents in .docx, and pdf formats only.

Step 4: Once your upload is successful, you will see 4 options where there is the Uploaded File name is written, then you can add a new Document Name, then you need to Choose the category in which you need to upload the document, and then finally you can add tags to that document.

Step 5: Now, you just need to click on the Upload Document button.

Step 6: Once you document is uploaded, you can see it in Uploaded Document section in the Market Place page only.

Step 7: In the Uploaded Document section you will all your uploaded documents. The status is also there that your Document is Pending from the Admin side or not. If the Admin approves the Document, then the status changes to the Approved and you will get 10 Credits for each successful document approval.