Utilizing Contact Groups provides an efficient approach to organizing your subscribed contacts according to shared interests or preferences. These groups enable you to send tailored content to specific segments, established based on group-specific information.

Within the framework of EazyDocs AI, the capability exists for generating numerous contact groups. Essential information such as the Name, Email, and Phone Number of users can be securely stored.

Outlined below are the procedural steps for initiating a Contact Group within EazyDocs AI:

Step 1: Upon accessing your EasyDocs AI account, navigate to the Dashboard. Positioned on the left sidebar, you will find the "Contact Group" option as depicted in the accompanying image.

Step 2: Progressing to the Contact Group Page, an overview of your existing groups will be visible. Additionally, the option to establish a new group will be present. By selecting "Add Contact Group," a Luckey Sheet interface will open. This sheet type, akin to an Excel Sheet, permits the input of Contact details, which can subsequently be saved.

Step 3: Upon completion of entering email addresses and pertinent particulars, it's recommended to assign a distinctive name to the group. Finalize the process by selecting the "Save and Back" button. Your compiled data will be preserved as a novel Contact Group.

This concludes the outlined tutorial. For further inquiries concerning Contact Groups, we encourage you to reach out to our Support Team via email.