In VidStream Pro, you can create Collections and add videos to them. The Collection is one of the features which we are providing to our users. Using this feature, you can group your videos into different Collections.

This is a very helpful feature for you if you want to create courses and it will keep all your related videos together. Also, you can share your Collection with any website or person using two methods. The first is by embedding the code to the website and the second one is by sharing the link of the Collection to anyone you want.

Steps to Create Collection in VidStream Pro

Step 1: Open your VidStream Pro application using your login credentials.

Step 2: On the left side menu of the Dashboard, under Videos, you will see Collection. Click on this and you will directly land on the Collections Page where you can see all your created Collections and options to Create New Collections. See the image below for reference.

Step 3: Once you click on the Create New Collection, you will see a dialog box that asks you to Enter your Collection Name and select videos to add to that Collection, and finally click on Create Collection. See the image for reference. 

After clicking on the Create Collection, you have successfully created the Collection. Like this, only you can create multiple Collections and add multiple videos to them.

This is all for this article. If you have any questions related to Collections, please contact Support via email.