In Dropshiply 2.0 we have created a Marketplace from where you can install the apps which we will integrate into the system. From the marketplace, you can activate Suppliers, add E-Com platforms like Shopify and WordPress, you can add themes to your store, and many more.

Steps to Activate & Install/Uninstall Apps from Marketplace

Step 1: On the dashboard, you will see the Marketplace option on the right sidebar. Click on it.

Step 2: On the Marketplace page, you will see various options link Suppliers, Platforms, Themes, and more. To install any app, just click on the Install button and it will be visible in your sidebar.

For example: If you have to install CJ Supplier, then you need to go to Suppliers and install the CJ Dropshipping from there.

Step 3: Once you click on the Install button, the page will reload and you will see it will change to Installed and also appear in your sidebar under Product Sourcing.

Step 4: To uninstall the installed app, you just need to click on the Down Arrow beside the Installed button and there you will find the Uninstall option.

This is all for this tutorail. If you need more help, please ask the support team via email.