To connect Shopify API with Dropshiply, you need to have a Shopify Account and follow the Steps.


1. Shopify Account and a Store

2. A Dropshiply Account

3. Shopify API Key and Admin Access Key

Once you have these, just follow the steps here below.

1. Go to Dropshiply Platform, Login and Activate Shopify App from Marketplace.

2. Go to Channels and Connect on Shopify Channel

3. Click on Shopify Channel Card to open Settings.

4. Go to Shopify Apps and Create a new Custom App

5. Click on Create App and fill out the details.

6.  Assign Shopify Admin API Scope and Permissions. If you dont understand the permissions part, just select all permissions, because its your private app and only you are going to use it.

7. Now, make sure that you copy the Right API Key and Admin API Secret Key. If you use the API Secret Key, and not the one in the image shown below, then your credentials will not work.

8. Now, just grab your details and paste everything here in Dropshiply to connect your Shopify store with Dropshiply Platform.