Is your video title or description not showing up correctly in a social media post? Don’t worry—here’s how to fix it!

When you share a video link on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, information about your video is used to create a “preview” that includes the video thumbnail, title, and description.

If you update your video in VideoMan, changes to your title, thumbnail, and description may not be immediately reflected in your social post. This is due to how social platforms cache information about your video.

To fix the problem, you can use the tools (found below) provided by Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to re-index the information about the video.

Re-index your video metadata

If you want to update a social media post to include your new video title, thumbnail, or description, enter the sharing page link for your video into tools provided by either Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. This will update the cached thumbnail, title, and description.

  • Use Facebook’s debug tool
  • Use Twitter’s Card Validator
  • Use LinkedIn’s Post Inspector

Avoiding the problem in the future

If you record or upload a new video to VideoMan, make sure it finishes processing before sharing

Consider the thumbnail, title, and description you would like before sharing your video on social media.