Here are some common causes for loss of audio sync:

Your source file is out of sync. Resolve any pre-existing sync issues in your editing software, then re-upload to VideoMan.

There may be a slight variation between decoding technologies. Your video may look or sound different across different players and browsers (which is unfortunately out of VideoMan’s control). To minimize effects, make sure your browser is up to date and close any additional programs running on your computer.

Your video is encoded with a variable frame rate. Make sure you are using a constant frame rate (variable framerates are commonly used in webinars or screencasts).

Your video contains multiple edit list entries. This affects videos edited with QuickTime technology. Use the “Export” feature instead of “Save” or “Save As.”

In rare cases, our conversion process will sometimes lead to variation between your source file and our playback versions.

To determine if that’s the case, try this test:

  • Go to your video page
  • Download both your source file and the largest HD VideoMan version of your video using the “Download” button on your video page
  • Play both versions of the video in the same program on your computer (e.g., Quicktime, Windows Media Player, or VLC) and make note of whether there’s a difference between the two. If there are no differences, you may be experiencing a decoding issue in your browser.

If you’re not quite sure what’s causing your sync issue, please contact us so we can investigate further. Be sure to provide a link to the video(s) in question and a description of the places in the video where the loss of sync is especially apparent.