General Inquiries:

  1. For advertisement on videos.
  2. For Hateful Content, Violence, Defamatory or Discriminatory Speech, Adult Content and related more.
  3. For Marketing & Promotion Purposes.
  4. For Partnership.
  5. Other.

You can contact us for all the above-mentioned issues at

Reporting abuse, Reporting a spammer:

To report a video or a spammer that you believe violates our Terms and Conditions, please raise a support ticket at or you can fill up our contact form here.

In your email please mention

  1. Your Legal Name, Legal Organization Name (If any), Email.
  2. Video Name, Video URL, Username.

Reporting copyright infringement:

If someone uploads a video that you own without your permission, we treat this as a legal issue. You can check our DMCA page and go through the mentioned content on the page.

For any other issue or you have any other queries you can contact us at