TuneMingo is the world’s first AI-powered creative music tool that creates original music scores for Video Creators, Artists & Music Enthusiasts.

We built TuneMingo and trained it using the most complex and sophisticated ML models to let you compose instant music based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

In TuneMingo, Projects are the collection of music tracks created for a single project. you can choose up to 10 different tracks as references from 50+ categories.

You can use these music tracks as Video backgrounds or download them for any other use. Creating a new project is super easy using TuneMingo. Below are the detailed steps which you can follow.

Steps to Create a new Project in TuneMingo

Step 1: Once you click on Add Project, you will be redirected to the page where you have the option to enter the name of your Project. Just write the name of your project and click on the Next button.

Step 2: After clicking on next, you will be redirected to the second page where you will have the option to input the duration of your music track. Here you will see three options:

  • Manual Duration – You can choose your track duration manually.
  • Upload your Video – You can upload a video of fewer than 5 mins.
  • Upload your Audio – You can upload an audio file.

After choosing any of the three options, then click on Continue.

Step 3: Now, you will get the option to choose the category and subcategory which is basically Genere of your music track. Choose the track you want and click on Compose.

Step 4: After clicking on Compose, you will see a tab on the right with the name of your selected track. A.I. will create music based on your choices. You will see Percussion, Ambience, and Keys which will be then mixed with your selected track, and then the final Music will be created once you click on the Render Button.

Step 5: Once your music file will be rendered, you will get the notification on the bell located at the top of the screen also you will get the notification on your email. Click on the notification and you will be redirected to your created track page. 

Step 6: On the My Track Page, you can download your created music.