Now publishing to Instagram has become possible right from ViralDashboard.

Before you start publishing to Instagram there are some things you should know beforehand:

Before You Start:

You will need access to the following, as they are the mandatory task you need to do first:

An Instagram Business Account.

A Facebook Page connected to that account.

Going ahead,

Requirements & Limitations By Instagram:

  • Maximum photo size: 8MiB
  • Photo Dimension: Minimum width: 320 & Maximum width: 1440.
  • Can only be used to publish to Business IG User accounts; Creator IG User accounts are not supported.
  • Accounts are limited to 25 API-published posts within a 24 hour period.
  • JPEG is the only image format supported. Extended JPEG formats such as MPO and JPS are not supported.
  • Stories are not supported.
  • Shopping tags are not supported.
  • Branded content tags are not supported.
  • Filters are not supported.
  • Multi-image posts are not supported.

Note: If you have connected your Facebook account right before today then the very first step you need to do is to disconnect your Facebook account and then re-connect it.

Step by Step guide:

  1. Connect your Facebook account from the Social Media Connect page.
  2. Please note: Both Facebook Pages & Instagram Business Accounts will be connected at a single time. So when you connect your Facebook Account also connect all your Instagram business accounts together.
  3. After a successful connection, you’ll be able to see your FB Pages & IG Business Accounts on the page.
  4. Now go to the Content Composer page and create a post.
  5. Please Note: Selecting an Image is mandatory while posting to Instagram. So always select an image before you publish the post.
  6. Click on the Next step, Select the particular IG business accounts and then click on the Next button.
  7. Customize the post if required and then click on the Next button.
  8. Now just Publish, Schedule, or Save to Draft as per your wish.

You’re done with Connecting your IG Business Account & the Publishing post to that particular account.