A green screen is a green background that video production teams use to place visual effects later during the post-production phase.

The technology of using a green screen (or Chroma key) has been around since the 19th century. Entertainment and Hollywood have become legendary for using this art of illusion.

The name green screen was adopted simply because there’s a large green screen background on the set. The color green was chosen as one of the least colors worn by personalities or images used for display. The technique uses layers of images.

The background layer is the transparent green screen. The foreground is the final displayed image. The screen is placed behind the image to be displayed. Studio green backdrops are used to completely surround the object to create a floating effect.

How to Use Green Screen Videos in RoyalStock

Step 1: Log in to your RoyalStock Account.

Step 2: On the Dashboard, under the Unlimited tab, you will find the Green Screen Videos on the left side menu.

Step 3: On the Green Screen Videos page, you will find various types like Green Screen Videos, Actors, BackDrops, and Office Green Screen Backgrounds.

Now, you just need to click on the Download Button and use the videos in the way you want.