Once you log in to your account, can view your profile by clicking on the profile picture at the top right corner of the page. Check the screenshot below.

After this, you will be redirected to the profile settings page where you can change your name, see your registered email, change your password, and add a mobile number to your profile. Once you entered all the details, hit the Update button on the bottom. See the image for reference.

Billing Information

To check the billing information, again click on your profile picture, and from the dropdown click on Billing. When you land on the billing page, you can see all your active plans here. Also, you can see your member id, name, and registered email address.

If you purchased a new plan from us, then to activate that plan you need to click on the Sync Plans button which is also there on the billing page.

See the image below for reference.

If you are still not able to activate your account or sync the plans, please contact the support team via email and they will solve your issue in less than 24 hrs.