MusicMan is the world’s first AI-powered creative music tool that creates original music scores for Video Creators, Artists & Music Enthusiasts.

We built MusicMan (powered by MuMa AI) and trained it using the most complex and sophisticated ML models to let you compose instant music based on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

In MusicMan, you can quickly compose a single music track by selecting the mood, genre, theme, and tempo of your desired length from 10,000+ premium royalty-free music library tracks instantly.

Composing a new track in MusicMan is super easy. You can compose unique music even if you are not mastered in music or with zero knowledge of music creation.

Steps to Compose a new Music Track

Step 1: Click on the New Compose under Music Composer on the left side menu or you can directly click on the compose icon on the Dashboard.

Step 2: On the New Compose page, you have to give your audio track a name that you will use in your video. After this, click on Next.

Step 3: Now, you will get options to choose the length of your track. Here we have four options, Short (30 Sec), Medium (1:00 Min), Long (3:00 Min), and Custom (You can input time according to your choice). After selecting the duration, click on the Next button.

Step 4: After this, you see a new screen with the option to select Mood, Genere, and Tempo. Please select all three options and then you will see Create Track button, click on it.

Finally, after this, your track will be created. You can download it and use it anywhere you want.