Welcome to the DesignSuite AI "Setup Delivery" Feature Tutorial! This powerful tool allows you to seamlessly deliver your created E-books, URLs, or images to your audience, enhancing your user experience and engagement. Whether you're a marketer, educator, or content creator, this feature streamlines content delivery in just three easy steps.

Let's dive into the tutorial:

Step 1: Give Your Delivery a Title

Begin by giving your delivery a meaningful and descriptive title. This title will help you identify and manage your deliveries effectively, especially if you have multiple campaigns or content offerings.

Step 2: Choose a Landing Page

Before proceeding, make sure you've created a landing page using the "Lead Funnel" feature in DesignSuite AI. Your landing page is where users will provide their information, such as their name and email, to access your content.

  • Click on the "Choose Landing Page" option.
  • Select the landing page you've created from the available options.
  • Ensure that the selected landing page aligns with the content you're delivering.

Step 3: Add Delivery Method

Now, it's time to specify how you want to deliver your content. You have three options:

  • E-book: If you're delivering an E-book, select this option. You can upload your E-book file, and it will be delivered to users who submit the Optin Form on your landing page.
  • By URL: If you're providing a web resource, such as a report hosted on a website, select "By URL." Enter the URL of the resource you want to share.
  • By Upload: If you have a specific file or image to share, choose "By Upload." Upload the file, and it will be delivered to users.

Once you've selected the appropriate delivery method, follow the specific steps associated with that method:

For E-book: Choose from your created Ebook from DesignSuite only.

For URL: Enter the URL of the web resource you want to share.

For Upload: Upload your file or image.


The "Setup Delivery" feature in DesignSuite AI simplifies content delivery, allowing you to efficiently share your E-books, URLs, or images with your audience. By following these three easy steps, you can enhance your user engagement and provide a seamless experience for those interested in your offerings.

Now that you're familiar with this feature, you're ready to leverage it to its full potential and deliver valuable content to your audience. Happy content sharing!

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