After you’ve successfully imported the products to the Dropshiply store. You can now check them on your Import List.

Note: Products imported in the Import List are in your Dropshiply Account and not in your store yet. There is one more step before your product is published in your store.

Under the Products tab on the right side menu, you can find the products which you have imported from the Product Importer in All Products. There you can edit the product, publish the product to your store & delete the imported product. 

Step 1: On the All Products page, you will see Published Products and Products in Import List. The freshly imported products go to the Import List section. From there you can edit the title, description, and other information about the products and then publish it to your store.

Step 2: Now, to publish the product to your store from Import List, you need to tick the products and on the top choose the option to Publish Now and click on Submit button.

Step 3: All the products which are published to your store are available in the Published Products.